Mimotera::CDataArrays_t Struct Reference

#include <mimotera++/MimoteraEvent.hh>

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Public Attributes

Coord_t _x [(kXPixel-(kMarkersPerRow *kChan))*kYPixel]
Coord_t _y [(kXPixel-(kMarkersPerRow *kChan))*kYPixel]
Pixel_t _frameA [(kXPixel-(kMarkersPerRow *kChan))*kYPixel]
Pixel_t _frameB [(kXPixel-(kMarkersPerRow *kChan))*kYPixel]

Detailed Description

C DataArrays structure In order to make the C / C++ interface easier, a new DataArrays structure made only arrays is created and added to the standard event.

Definition at line 253 of file MimoteraEvent.hh.

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