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struct  option_t


#define OL_NOINDEX   -1


option_tGetOptList (int argc, char *const argv[], char *const options)
void FreeOptList (option_t *list)

Define Documentation

#define OL_NOINDEX   -1

Definition at line 63 of file optlist.h.

Referenced by GetOptList().

Function Documentation

void FreeOptList ( option_t list  ) 

Function to clean up the memory

list A pointer to the object to be deleted

Definition at line 213 of file optlist.c.

References option_t::next.

option_t* GetOptList ( int  argc,
char *const   argv[],
char *const   options 

Function to get the option parser Calling this function will cause the command line options to be parsed and stored into option_t strucutures

Use the options string to define all the possible valid options. A colon immediately after an option defines that that particular option takes one argument.

A pointer to a option_t struct
argc The argc as coming from the main()
argv The argc as coming from the main()
options A list of valid options

Definition at line 97 of file optlist.c.

References option_t::argIndex, option_t::argument, MakeOpt(), option_t::next, and OL_NOINDEX.

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