Mimotera::MimoteraDecoder Class Reference

Helper class for data decoding. More...

#include <mimotera++/MimoteraDecoder.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 MimoteraDecoder ()
 Default constructor.
void getXY (size_t rawPos, Coord_t &x, Coord_t &y)
 Get the X and Y coordinates.
size_t getRawPosition (Coord_t x, Coord_t y)
 Get the RAW position.

Detailed Description

Helper class for data decoding.

The data in the raw arrays coming out from the DAQ are not sorted according to the natural left to right top to bottom scanning order. This class can be used to get the position within the RAW array given the X and Y coordinates, or the other way round, to get the X and Y coordinates given a certain position in the RAW array. Be aware that in this last case, the decoder may throw an exception (MarkerPixelException) whenever the specific pixel in the RAW array corresponds to a dummy pixel not physically present in the matrix.

Antonio Bulgheroni <antonio.bulgheroni@gmail.com>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Mimotera::MimoteraDecoder::MimoteraDecoder (  )  [inline]

Default constructor.

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Member Function Documentation

size_t MimoteraDecoder::getRawPosition ( Coord_t  x,
Coord_t  y 

Get the RAW position.

This method is calculating the RAW position corresponding to a given pair of coordinates.

x The x position
y The y position
The RAW position

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References Mimotera::kChanWidth, Mimotera::kLookUp, Mimotera::kMarkersPerRow, and Mimotera::kYPixel.

Referenced by Mimotera::MimoteraEvent::getArrays(), Mimotera::MimoteraEvent::getCArrays(), and Mimotera::MimoteraEvent::setArrays().

void MimoteraDecoder::getXY ( size_t  rawPos,
Coord_t x,
Coord_t y 

Get the X and Y coordinates.

This method is calculating the x and y position corresponding to a given position in the RAW array.

rawPos The position in the RAW array
x A reference to the corresponding x coordinate
y A reference to the corresponding y coordinate
MarkerPixelException if the rawPos corresponds to a marker pixel.

Definition at line 33 of file MimoteraDecoder.cc.

References Mimotera::kChan, Mimotera::kChanWidth, Mimotera::kLookUp, Mimotera::kMarkersPerRow, Mimotera::kXPixel, Mimotera::kYPixel, and MIMOTERA_THROWX.

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