From source

This is supposed to be the most common scenario since the great majority of Mimotera++ will install this library only a starting point for their own further development.

Mimotera++ uses CMake as a build system. The great advantage of using CMake is that starting from the same source files each user can generate the building framwork he likes most. For example, for a Linux user it will be natural to have Makefiles describing how to build the project, while for Mac developers the easiest way would be to have a Xcode project. The same apply for Windows users that can have a Microsoft Visual Studio project.

The most important targets are the following:

From binary precompiled

This is even simpler. From the Download page choose the operating system / platform / version you would like to install and download it.

The follow the instruction given by the installation wizard.

Now you are ready for Using the Mimotera++

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