Mimotera::MimoteraWriter Class Reference

#include <mimotera++/MimoteraWriter.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 MimoteraWriter (const char *filename, WritingMode_t mode=RECREATE)
 ~MimoteraWriter ()
off_t writeEvent (MimoteraEvent *event)
void close ()

Detailed Description

The Mimotera Writer This class is opening a Mimotera file and can be used to get every single event contained into the file.

The way this class is working is naturally the opposite one the MimoteraReader is doing.

Antonio Bulgheroni <antonio.bulgheroni@gmail.com>


Definition at line 82 of file MimoteraWriter.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Mimotera::MimoteraWriter::MimoteraWriter ( const char *  filename,
WritingMode_t  mode = RECREATE 

Default constructor with a file name Suggested constructor. This is the one that should be always used.

filename This is the name of the Mimotera file to be opened for writing.
mode The mode for writing the output file. Refer to WritingMode_t enum.
FileException in case something goes wrong with the file opening and handling.

Definition at line 41 of file MimoteraWriter.cc.

References Mimotera::APPEND, Mimotera::kTrashSize, MIMOTERA_THROWX, Mimotera::NEW, Mimotera::RECREATE, and Mimotera::to_string().

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Mimotera::MimoteraWriter::~MimoteraWriter (  ) 


Definition at line 140 of file MimoteraWriter.cc.

Member Function Documentation

void Mimotera::MimoteraWriter::close (  )  [inline]

Close the file

Definition at line 113 of file MimoteraWriter.hh.

Referenced by Mimotera::MimoteraWriter_close_cpp().

off_t Mimotera::MimoteraWriter::writeEvent ( MimoteraEvent event  ) 

Write an event When this method is called event is written to the file

event The MimoteraEvent to be written
The size of the current event

Definition at line 103 of file MimoteraWriter.cc.

References Mimotera::MimoteraEvent::frameA(), Mimotera::MimoteraEvent::frameB(), Mimotera::kEventSize, Mimotera::kMimoteraInfoSize, Mimotera::kSubFrameSize, Mimotera::kTrashSize, MIMOTERA_THROWX, and Mimotera::to_string().

Referenced by Mimotera::MimoteraWriter_writeEvent_cpp().

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